As specialists in this very personal and challenging area of the law, all of the members of the Firm are aware and sensitive to the reality that our clients are in a state of transition and experiencing uncertainty and emotional turmoil in their lives. When children are involved, the issues for the family are even more delicate and complex.

The Firm places an emphasis on listening carefully to each client, as we recognize that each person has a unique and different set of concerns that must be addressed and resolved. Therefore, in order to best accomplish a personalized resolution, the members of Perez-Abreu & Martin-Lavielle are dedicated to assisting each client in an individual manner, by providing each client with both legal advice and practical information to empower the person to more comfortably make decisions that will assist in achieving a positive transition.

To accomplish this the Firm offers a team approach to each case, involving the associates and support staff throughout the process to provide clients with a professional to assist them, in a compassionate and informed manner when issues or concerns arise. Both the attorneys and support staff are bilingual (Spanish and English).  The attorneys and staff have been with the Firm for many years and are able to provide consistency in the attention and service provided to the clients. The individual client’s overall well being throughout the process is of utmost importance to the Firm.

The attorneys at the Firm have combined over 100 years of experience and during those years have represented clients from varied walks of life including homemakers, business owners, television personalities, sports stars, musicians, artists, as well as other high profile individuals. Often the clients either are from outside the United Stated or have business, family or financial ties outside of the United States.  Consequently, the Firm is well versed in handling international cases and work closely with foreign attorneys and accountants when the circumstances require the collaboration of other professionals.

The Firm’s mission is to provide the client with quality professional legal services, at reasonable rates in an effective and efficient manner. There are five attorneys in the Firm, whose hourly rates vary in order to provide services in the most cost effective manner for the client. Further, in order to meet the individual needs of each client, we routinely work with other professionals in a variety of fields, as may be necessary during the different stages of the legal process.  We have excellent relationships with forensic accountants, financial advisors, mental health professionals, real estate agents and appraisers, among other professionals.

At Perez-Abreu & Martin-Lavielle, we take a solution oriented approach to each situation. Every reasonable effort is made to reach an amicable and fair resolution through settlement and the mediation process. However, if an equitable settlement cannot be reached as to all or any issue then the attorneys, which are highly skilled in trial and appellate practice, will proceed to present the case to the Judge and if appropriate to the Court of Appeals.


PAML Appellate Cases